12. Social Media & Player Types

Classifications in “gamer types” according to LeBlanc and Bartle from the gaming industry can also be applied to users of social media. In addition to universal key motivations and personal character traits, this also reveals other aspects that can increase motivation depending on the predisposition of the user:

Socializers: they enjoy camaraderie and use social networks to maintain friendships and network with others. Their motivation is social belonging.

Achievers: they enjoy a challenge and like to accumulate status attributes, such as number of likes, followers, subscribers, etc. Their motivation is social recognition.

Explorers: They enjoy discovery and deal intensively with the “game system”.

Killers: They enjoy conflict. They often enter into aggressive competition with other users. Their motivation is to “eliminate the opponent” and to disrupt communication.

The extent to which this classification plays a role in the development of attention engineering could not be clarified in the context of this work. However, it makes sense because it explains different forms of user behaviour. Another type of classification according to the OCEAN model is part of the deep learning of algorithms and will be explained in more detail later.



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